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My Happiest Memories

Things have been a bit shit lately. I won't go into details because as you can probably tell by the title of this post, it's a happy one.

Something I find myself doing when I feel a little down is looking at old photos of when things were better to remind myself that things will get better eventually. At the time those photos were taken I was probably stressing about something else and I made it through then so I can do so now!

I think I'm quite a sentimental person so photographs mean a lot to me. Photographs are my favourite type of gift to receive. Or something personal and handmade.

My favourite gifts will always be my two scrapbooks off Elliot and Jade.
My fiance and best friend.
And my Audrey Hepburn sleeping mask that my sister-in-law made herself.

I think it's important to be surrounded by happy memories and so I've been working on something with Polabora.

If you're thinking 'hmm...that sounds familiar' that's because I have previously worked with them before.
I even did a little YouTube Video.

But I wanted this post to just be about happiness and focusing on the good times rather than the bad.

Polabora have recently added a new style of photo layout to their collection. The Classic Print.
Polabora are known for their retro style prints and are a bit more stylish than your regular Polaroid photograph.

They added the Classic Print because not every photo is square!
That's the thing about Polaroid photos...they tend to be square and have the white tab to write on but I like the idea of having the full photograph but still with the white frame and retro styling. The Polabora website is extremely easy to use so its nice and simple when uploading your photos and cropping them if you need to. It was SUCH a quick process ordering them.

The Classic Prints are 10 x 15 cm which are your typical 6 x 4 format.
They are printed on glossy paper making the photos nice and shiny as though they are fresh from the printer and they are great quality!

I have over 50 photos from Polabora. Different designs and I have always thought they are great quality. My first set of Polaroids from them are displayed around the border of my dressing room and people always compliment them.

Also please bare in mind, if you were to order a bad quality photo from your phone, it is not Polabora's fault if the photo isn't great.

They also offer free shipping worldwide which is a massive bonus! Especially for us UK people as they are based in Belgium. They don't take long to get here either! Mine took about a week and there was the bank holiday that would have delayed it so really it was super speedy delivery. 

With the classic prints you can order a bundle of 20 for just 9.99. BUT I have a discount code.
Use STACIE20 at for a further 20% off!

You're welcome. 

So let me show you some of my happiest memory photographs.
I decided to put them on the wall at the end of our bed.
So they are the first thing I see when I wake up and the last thing I see before I fall asleep.

These two photos were taken on Elliot's birthday last year. 
It was his first birthday away from friends and family so I wanted to make it special for him.
I ended up throwing him a pizza party. I made pizza bunting. I played proper Italian music. I made us chef hats and we made completely fresh pizzas from scratch.
I lit candles and set the room out like a restaurant and it was just the best atmosphere.
We had so much fun making the pizzas and even more fun eating them.
They were honestly the best pizzas we have ever had but we have never quite been able to recreate them. 

I'm aware nothing about these photos say pizza party but I know they were taken on the same day so that's what I think of when I see them.

It was just so perfect, romantic and funny at the same time. I highly recommend doing this for any pizza lover. It was a great night. We then watched Guardians of the Galaxy with a bottle of wine.

These photos were taken on a recent trip to Bristol with Tash and Giulio which is Elliot's sister and fiance.
Tash and Giulio live in the West Midlands and we live in Devon so we are quite far apart so it's always nice to see them.
We met halfway for a day out in Bristol and we had the BEST day. I actually blogged about it and you can see what we got upto here.

I love these photos because we were just laughing so much and it was a nice little candid shot taken by Elliot. Fun fact...I wrote candid shit then realised later and laughed to myself for a good 30 seconds. 

I like our outfits too :)
Couldn't ask for a better sister-in-law to be.

This was taken recently when I attended my first big blogger event. BlogConLDN which I also blogged about. Find out what happens at a blogger event here!

It was a big thing for me going to London. I was incredibly anxious and I'm proud of myself for even getting there. I ended up having a wonderful day and getting to know other bloggers and brands.
I felt so alive when I got home. Like 'I DID IT!' 

I highly recommend attending blogger events if you are a blogger! It's scary at first but once you are there it's fine. Take someone for support.

This is my beautiful mother in law. I have soooo many photos of my family around the house because family is so important but we have zilch zero nada of Elliot's family and it bugs me. I cannot count the amount of times I've asked everyone (Elliot and his family) for photos and I never get anywhere with it so I got this one of me and Elaine printed so now I have some of both families!

This was taken at a family engagement party and everyone was happy and it was a very lovely atmosphere. At the end of the night we all stood in a circle on the dancefloor and used plastic forks to do the drum solo to Phil Collins - In the air tonight.

It was just the best. 

This was taken at my local Boston Tea Party. I was on a girls day out with my friend Meg.
We had just had our palms read and we were buzzin about the results.
It's all a load of bollocks because some of the things that should have happened by now haven't and some of the things he told me would happen are impossible so it's just bull but oh well. It gave us something to look forward to at the time and we enjoyed our day.
We did a spot of shopping and ate fudge by the seaside. It was just a very lovely day with a very lovely friend. 

This was taken at the xmas staff party. I work part time in a pub and I really enjoy it. 
It pays the bills and is close to my house so it's convenient. 
The staff party was great. Such a funny night and something I'll always remember.

This is my pal Amber, She's such a sweetie and we get on really well. She plans to move on soon to another job so I wanted to get a photo printed to remember fun times we had messing about at work. Teasing each other about how young she is and how ancient I am. 

She's a cheeky bugger really but wouldn't change her for the world.

This is my bestie Jade. She had recently had a baby and although I had met him briefly before we hadn't spent much time together since I moved away so she came to visit for a weekend and bought Jaxson with her.

It was so lovely being able to spend time with her and getting to know Jaxson. You can imagine my excitement having a baby in the house!

We had a lovely day out up town and I showed Jade some of the nicest parts and it was then that she decided she wanted to move down south. I hope she does one day, I hate being so far apart. 
Every time she visits I have to do her hair and makeup and it's kind of our thing. 

This photo was actually for a brand collaboration with Spiral which you can read here if you like the bag.

The reason I put this here was because after we spent some time taking the photo, Elliot and I just chilled there reading books and skimming stones. This is just a stones throw from our house so we come here to chill on sunny days quite often.
I always feel so so relaxed when I'm here. It's the perfect anti-depressant. I just look at the water and my wonderful fiance and realise how lucky I am to live somewhere so beautiful. I have many happy memories here.

When Elliot and I first moved to Devon our friend Seb introduced us to a little independent cafe called Prime and we love it.
We have had many a date lunch here and it's one of our very favourite places to go when we have some time off work.
It's so instagrammable and a lovely quiet place to take your laptop and work or to read a book.
We just love it here and always have deep life conversations about our future here.

Very hygge.

These three photos were taken when our friends came to stay.

'The lads' 

The top one is Plymbridge Woods. One of our very very favourite places to go. Whenever someone visits we take them there. It's just so beautiful and lots to explore.
We like going when it's cold then coming home and putting the heating on and eating soup.

The perfect autumn / winter experience.

The second is my friend Jack. I've known Jack around 6 years now and Elliot met Jack through our friendship group. Jack is going to be one of Elliot's groomsmen and he is just a gem. Genuinely one of the nicest people you will ever meet.

And the third is old grumpy pants Elliot. We had just been to a little cafe for a bacon bap and I believe we were all off to Looe for the day (The guys were still visiting) and I just like this photo as it pretty much sums up our relationship.

This was taken for my Valentines Day brand collab with Motel Rocks.
Elliot and I took ourselves and all our camera equipment to our dear Plymbridge Woods and filmed a Youtube Video Lookbook that I never uploaded.

We spent about 5 hours there and it was a complete waste of time and sooo cold but now it's a memory of how much Elliot helps me with my blog and how lucky I am to have him.

A picture can paint a thousand words. To anybody else it's just me on a tree trunk in a girly outfit but this reminds me of my very helpful partner who I couldn't do this blog without.
My Instagram husband.

My gorgeous niece. I would have liked a photo of my nephew too but he's a grumpasaurous and I never manage to get nice photos with him without him throwing a tantrum but this one loves the camera.

This was taken before last Christmas. WE were babysitting and she was an absolute angel. I'm always my happiest with my niece and nephew. They just make everything better and I love them so flipping much.

This is my sister in law Crystal. This is a fond memory of mine.
I had just dyed her hair, it was dark brown with red dip dye. I did her make-up and we went for a girls day out , had some lunch, hit the shops and it was just a nice girls day. We don't get to do that very often. In fact, this may be the only time we have ever done that so it's nice to have it captured in a picture.

I love her. a lot.

And last but not least these photos were taken last year. I had just got out of hospital and so I was very poorly. This was the first time since I had got out that I had made effort with my hair and makeup. Elliot had been by my side the whole time and again I was feeling very grateful to have him.

This was just before a walk in the woods with our lovely neighbours Matt and Melissa. They have the best dog ever called Percy. He is a German Shepard / malamute and he is always in the window when we walk past just chilling and I just love him so much so it was nice to take him for a little walk in the woods.

It was a nice sunny day and I always enjoy our little chill out times with our neighbours. Always fond memories being built with those lovable duo.

So those are just some of my happiest memories. The things that make me smile when I see a photo.

Something I would love for you all to try out is just getting some photos printed of your memories and putting them around your room. You would be surprised at how much it lifts your spirits and on a daily basis too!

I don't know what it is but looking at photos on your phone is so not the same as having them printed to keep forever and always and pass down through the family.

For scrap booking or just simply making your room look retro...Polabora have so many styles to choose from and for a great price. I'm definitely a fan of the new classic prints.

It is definitely worth looking at their site and taking advantage of my 20% discount code 'STACIE20'

Let me now if any of you get any, I'd love to see how you display them or use them.

As a lot of my happy memories featured in this post include friends and family I think I might use them as gifts. Just send them in the post with a nice note on or something. Polabora have a great selection of gifts too so if you have a birthday coming up that you need to get a gift for I highly recommend them.

It's nice to be nice and you never know what someone is going through so always be kind.
There's not enough love in the world. Far too much negativity lately and it's a habit we need to break.

Share the love people.

Disclaimer: I have been sent these photos free of charge in exchange for a feature. I am not making money from this collaboration. The discount code is purely a gift for my readers. All photos are my own and the words are my own and my 100% honest opinion.

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